Terms & Conditions

A - Introduction
It is understood that the Terms and Conditions outlined hereunder cover the partnership between the ainsifont.com site creator, l'Atelier télescopique, and the Client. These Terms and Conditions, together with the order confirmation, represent the contract between l'Atelier telescopique and the Client for the ordered items. All other terms and conditions do not apply. This contract cannot be modified without the written or electronic consent of l'Atelier télescopique.
The ainsifont.com website represents a collection of Font Software made available by l'Atelier télescopique for commercial use. This digital type foundry may be consulted on the ainsifont.com web site. The Client must confirm agreement with these Terms and Conditions by clicking on, "I have read, understood and accept these Terms and Conditions" when placing an order. Accepting these Terms and Conditions represents the proof that the Client has read and understood them and that the Client agrees to them and will abide by them. If the Client refuses to accept these Terms and Conditions, the Client must refrain from using this web site. L'Atelier télescopique reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notification. If, after l'Atelier telescopique makes such modifications, the Client continues to use or visit this site and/or the Fonts Software found therein, the Client implicitly accepts the new Terms and Conditions. The Client must become familiar with any potential new Terms and Conditions before consulting or using this site. The most recent update of the Terms and Conditions took place on 31 January 2007. The Terms and Conditions followed by an asterisk (*) are outlined in paragraph M of the present Terms and Conditions.

B - Ordering
The Client must be at least 18 years of age to place an order on the ainsifont.com site. The Client may place an order by filling out the order form displayed on the ainsifont.com site after having created or connected to his/her account and validated said order. Orders that go above and beyond the range of possibilities offered by the order system of the ainsifont.com site, as well as arrangements for "standard" licences, will be subject to a customised contract, to be signed by l'Atelier telescopique and the Client. Orders placed by any other means than those mentioned above will not be processed. The ordering process will assign an order number to each order when it is placed. The validation of an order constitutes the willingness to purchase the products that the Client have selected under the present Terms and Conditions.
L'Atelier télescopique reserves the right to accept or reject an order at its discretion. In particular in, but not limited to, cases in which the prices of the selected products are inappropriate due to display errors or malfunctions in the ordering and/or payment processing system.

The Client will receive confirmation that the order has been accepted subject to the provision of a valid electronic mail address during account creation. The order confirmation is considered to be valid from the delivery date. If the Client's order is not accepted, l'Atelier télescopique will try to contact the Client by electronic mail, telephone or post. Although all available efforts will be made to make the products shown on the ainsifont.com site available, l'Atelier télescopique may be unable to do so. For example, display errors or a site malfunctions represent circumstances under which delivery can be delayed or deterred. Under such circumstances, l'Atelier telescopique will present an alternative solution to the Client. If the Client does not accept the alternative solution, l'Atelier télescopique will cancel the order and reimburse the Client. Under the Terms and Conditions outlined in paragraph I, (Warrantees and Liabilities), order reimbursements represent the only liability of l'Atelier telescopique towards the Client should l'Atelier télescopique be unable to deliver the ordered products.

The information provided in advertisements or any other written document pertaining to the ainsifont.com site or provided by the employees of l'Atelier telescopique represent an invitation to enter into negotiations. Such information does not in any way represent a contractual commitment by l'Atelier telescopique to provide products.

C - Pricing
Product prices are shown on the invoice. The Value Added Tax (VAT) is detailed in this invoice for customers in France and the European Union. Customers outside of the European Union are not subject to VAT. The VAT shown is automatically included depending upon the country chosen when filling in the address.

D - Payments
The Client may pay for the Font Software chosen according to the methods indicated under the "payments" section of the ainifont.com website. The Client must pay for his/her order in the currency indicated on the invoice.

If the Client pays by credit card, the credit card information must be provided when placing the order. The Client's credit card will be charged at the moment l'Atelier télescopique issues the invoice. The Client will be able to download the Font Software once the credit card company authorises the credit card used for the order payment. If the Client's credit card company does not authorise payment, the Client will be notified by an on-screen message.

E - Downloading
Once the Client's credit card company has authorised payment, the Client will be notified by an on-screen message. At this time, the Client can download both the Font Software (as a ZIP file) and the invoice (as a PDF file) in the "ordering" section of the ainsifont.com website.
L'Atelier Télescopique will also send the Client confirmation as well as direct access to the Client's Font Software by electronic mail subject to the provision of an electronic mail address on the order form.

F - Product returns
If a Product was incompletely or imperfectly delivered, and the Client believes that he/she is subsequently entitled to a replacement product, the Client must contact l'Atelier télescopique.
G. Cancellations
If the Client received the ordered Product(s) and simply changes his/her mind, the Client can return the Product(s) or cancel the Service order for reimbursement, subject to the conditions outlined in this section. The return is subject to transport costs as defined in section D above, and can be made pursuant to the following conditions: Within a period of seven (7) calendar days of receiving the Product or of finalising the Service order, the Client must inform l'Atelier telescopique of his/her decision to cancel an order and must definitively erase all Font Software in that order from all digital media.

G. Product Return Policy
The Client must adhere to the following policy to be reimbursed by l'Atelier telescopique: Before returning any Product purchased on ainsifont.com to l'Atelier télescopique, please verify that:

1. An invoice number has been received through ainsifont.com
2. A reimbursement request has been sent by post indicating the relevant invoice number and the reasons for cancellation to: l'Atelier télescopique Service Client ainsifont.com, 54, rue Gustave Delory 59000 Lille - France
Respecting this policy will guarantee reimbursement as quickly as possible. L'Atelier telescopique may refuse reimbursement if the Client does not respect the above policy.

H. Related transport costs
Assuming that the Client chooses to exercise his/her cancellation right by respecting the policy elaborated in the section above, the Client is responsible for all postage costs.

G1 - Font Software
The usage of any and all Font Software is granted to the Client through a licence in accordance with the End User Licence Agreement (EULA). EULAs accompany delivered Font Software or are provided during Font Software downloads. The Client is responsible for verifying that any and all Font Software received or downloaded corresponds to the Client's needs and is compatible with the Client's current systems and work methods. The Client may also purchase all downloadable Font Software available on the ainsifont.com website. Purchasing Font Software in this manner is only possible by credit card. Once l'Atelier télescopique has received payment authorisation from the Client's credit card company, the Client will receive instructions on how to begin downloading the Software. If, during downloading, the process is interrupted in any way, the Client must begin the download over again. If the Client fails to perform the download, he/she has a period of seven (7) calendar days starting on the day on which he/she first received the downloading instructions to make a written reimbursement request. The Client must send any and all reimbursement requests by post to the address shown in the section above. Purchase price reimbursement remains the only responsibility of l'Atelier telescopique towards the Client in the event of Software download failures.

G2 - Printed product
(01) Prices are in Euros, shipping included. The included VAT is the French VAT
(02) For shipping for the EU countries, the stated prices are final.
(03) For customers from outside the EU, all stated prices are net prices. The shipping address is decisive. If, according to the statutory regulations, the goods are subject to sales or other taxes in the recipient country, then these shall be paid additionally upon receipt of the goods.

(01) Delivery are made from monday to saturday at the account address.
(02) The delivery will be shipped within three weeks.

H - Support
Unless otherwise provided on the ainsifont.com site at the moment in which the Client places an order, l'Atelier telescopique will provide telephone support free of additional charge to the Client for the purposes of Font Software installation, as defined hereafter. This support service will remain available to the Client for a period of thirty (30) days, beginning on the purchase date, i.e. the invoice date. Telephone support comprises advice on installation and launch issues only, and on utilisation issues that may lie therein.

I - Warranties and Liabilities
If the Client are a Consumer, nowhere in this Contract is the responsibility of l'Atelier telescopique limited or excluded for failing to fulfil any of their obligations by virtue of a legal provision of public order. If the Client are not a Consumer, these Terms and Conditions outline all of l'Atelier télescopique's obligations and responsibilities regarding the supply of Software, including related telephone support and warranties, and the provision of Services. By virtue of this contract, l'Atelier télescopique cannot be held responsible for any improper fulfilment or failure to fulfil this Contract caused by the Client, caused unpredictably and unavoidably by a third party, or caused by force majeure. L'Atelier télescopique's responsibility is limited to the amounts paid by the Client for the Product(s) and/or Services in question, no matter what the cause may be.

J - Applicable legislation
L'Atelier télesopique will attempt, to the best of its ability, to try to find an amicable solution to any differences. In the event that the Client is unsatisfied with the methods employed to settle such differences, and the Client wishes to all upon the competent courts, the following rules shall apply: the present Terms and Conditions are subject to French law. Each party agrees to give exclusive jurisdiction to the French courts. If the Client works in the retail industry, each party agrees to give exclusive jurisdiction to the Lille Commercial Court.

K - Intellectual Property and Personal Information
L'Atelier télescopique is aware and respects the importance of protecting Intellectual Property and Personal Information. The Intellectual Property protection provisions in this contract elaborate the personal information gathered, managed and protected by l'Atelier telescopique.
By placing an order or creating an account, the Client implicitly agrees to allow l'Atelier telescopique to store, handle and use the collected information. L'Atelier télescopique will protect the Client's information in accordance with their Confidentiality Policy. When the Client uses financing to pay for ordered Products, some of the information provided will be transferred to the financing companies. In accordance with the Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties Law (Act n° 78-17) of 6 January 1978, as amended by several subsequent texts, the Client reserves the right to access, correct or oppose the processing of any of his/her personal data. The Client may exercise any of these rights by connecting to the ainsifont.com website or by contacting the Data Processing Manager at: infos@ainsifont.com.

L - Contact information
To contact l'Atelier télescopique via ainsifont.com, the Client may use the form provided directly on the site.
All postal correspondence must be sent to: ainsifont.com c/o l'Atelier télescopique 54, rue Gustave Delory 59000 Lille - France.
Please specify any and all order numbers in any correspondence pertaining to placed orders.

M - Applicable terms
«Ainsifont» is a trademark registered by l'Atelier telescopique, and cannot be used under any circumstances without the express prior written authorisation of l'Atelier telescopique.